Minutes of Policy Committee Meeting

10 May 2011

Minutes of the Policy Committee meeting
Of Keepers of the Green
Tuesday, May 10, 2011, in the St Andrews Golf Club

In attendance – David Joy, Hamish Steedman, Iain Stewart, Jack Munro, Frank Cougan, Janet Finlay, John White, Donald Stewart, Jamie Gardner and Douglas Miller (secretary).

Apologies – Jack Willoughby, George Peper, Barry Kerr, Emil Pacholek, Hamish Macleod, Liam Hicks and David Mann.

Welcome and introduction – David Joy welcomed members and thanked all for their attendance at the meeting. He also introduced Janet Finlay, who has agreed to take on the role of Hon Secretary of KOTG. She will replace Douglas Miller, who has been appointed to the reporting staff of the St Andrews Citizen.

Minutes of previous meeting – The adoption of the minutes of the Policy Committee meeting of March 15, 2011, which had been circulated to members previously was proposed by Iain Stewart and seconded by Hamish Steedman.

Matters arising – The proposed inter-county hickory challenge at Archerfield was raised by David Joy and a short report was given by Jamie Gardner. He said that he had been in discussion with Nicholas Henderson and it had been decided that a fourball, better-ball four-a-side match be held between St Andrews and Musselburgh. It will take place in either early June or late July and it was agreed that Jamie organise the final date and contact members with a view to them taking part. Action Jamie Gardner.
David Joy gave an update on the question of office accommodation within St Andrews Golf Club for KOTG and the secretary. He said that members would be taking all files and other material to the office and asked for volunteers to assist in the exercise to take place at 1.30pm on May 18. Contact will be made with Tom Gallacher, secretary of St Andrews GC, to inform him prior to the date. Action David Joy.

Revenue position – The secretary distributed to members copies of the current financial position which indicated that there was £6,439.44p to the credit of KOTG “Golf” after allowing for all commitments to date, and £18,096.41p available in the Foundation account, the latter of which did not include the £9,000 committed by David Mann to present three wheelchairs to children in the east end of Glasgow.
The secretary reported that the recent Sportsman’s Charity event had provided a £900 donation to the Foundation. This was not included in the latest financial report as he had only just received back the cheque books which had been in the possession of accountant, Ian Palfrey, at Henderson Black, for the preparation of the annual accounts.

Report on spring meeting and arrangements for 2011 autumn meeting – The secretary reported that the spring meeting had taken place on the Jubilee Bronze Course on Friday, April 15, 2011. The 15th annual Auld Tom Morris World Memorial Championship attracted 14 members and guests from both home and overseas on a sunny and very pleasant afternoon over the world-famous links.
The participants had the opportunity to sample a nip of Scotland’s national tipple prior to play getting underway, courtesy of Scottish member Hamish Macleod and his trusty hip flask – and the majority accepted his generous offer.
The tournament itself proved to be a close run affair with the leading six players separated by only five points. However, when the dust had settled and the totals added, guest Neil Robertson was the overall winner on 28 points, two ahead of joint runners-up Jamie Gardner and David Finlay.
Three players tied for third place on 25 points – Donald Stewart, Scott Thomson and Texan Tom Hughes – with Hamish Macleod next a further point in arrears.
Later, some 20 members and their guests attended a tasty supper and presentation of prizes in St Andrews Golf Club.
They were welcomed by KOTG secretary Dougie Miller, who invited the charity’s honorary member, Emil Pacholek to present the winner’s trophy. Emil delighted all with a humorous address before handing over the trophy to Neil Robertson, who replied suitably and professed to having “greatly enjoyed” his first ever outing with hickory clubs.
In addition to the trophy, Neil was presented with a small bust of Old Tom Morris to retain as a memento.
The secretary reported that the autumn meeting is scheduled for Friday September 23 and again six times have been booked from 10.40am until 11.20am. The secretary said he deliberately chose that date to avoid a clash with the Bing Crosby Tournament, which had resulted in some members missing out on the autumn meeting in 2010.
The secretary reported that both the spring and autumn trophies had been brought up to date with the respective winners’ names and are on show in a cabinet in the foyer of the Best Western Scores Hotel, St Andrews.

Update on office accommodation – See above under matters arising

Website – Jack Munro gave a report and update on the new KOTG website, He said there had been a disappointing response to his plan to include an additional page on the KOTG clans. He had been in touch by email with the four relevant Chapters, but had received a poor response. However, Jack said that he would continue to communicate with the overseas members in the hope that this plan would come to eventual fruition.
His proposal to maintain an updated blog was also welcomed by the committee and David Joy said he had several articles available. It was also agreed that a suitable article be produced on the website as a KOTG contribution marking the sad passing of golfing legend Seve Ballesteros, who David said had a long association with the charity as “a kindred spirit.”
Jack also reported that following the concern of Emil Pacholek with the wording of the KOTG mission statement on the website, in particular the use of the word “needy,” it had been amended as previously agreed.
Jack said that he proposed over the next three months to formulate a list of all members and Friends of KOTG with the stated aim of better communication and ascertaining what they wanted from the charity. A membership drive would follow that project.

Arrangements for the annual general meeting – Following a short discussion it was agreed that the annual general meeting take place on June 21, 2011, at 10am in the basement lounge of St Andrews Golf Club.

The secretary reported that he had received an email from Sheila Taylor, who had been presented with a wheelchair from KOTG in 2009. Unfortunately, it requires repairs and as she did not know of our new policy whereby KOTG funds any repairs had contacted several companies seeking assistance. Fortunately, she eventually made contact with Med Ecosse, who notified her of our new arrangements. The secretary reported that he had now authorised the repairs after contacting Colin Struthers and arranged for the lady in question to take delivery in the meantime of one of the two wheelchairs held by Med Ecosse for such a purpose.
The secretary said that the lady’s predicament had highlighted the urgent need to draw up a list of all recipients of KOTG wheelchairs – as agreed at the policy committee meeting in March of 2011 – and that a formalised letter be drafted for all future recipients of KOTG wheelchairs explaining all the necessary details with regard to repairs; what to do if the wheelchair was no longer required by the recipient etc.
David Joy said he had approached Titleist,with which he had a long standing association, to ask if they would be interested in becoming a corporate sponsor of KOTG and had suggested that the company could profile their NXT golf ball as the operating handle on our wheelchairs. He said that Titleist had given a positive response and he would now take the issue further forward. Action David Joy
David Joy also reported again on the pins required when hickory clubs are given to new members. He said that replacement pins in silver were costing £24 each, which he said was too expensive. A local jeweller holds the mould and the committee approved a request from David to approach him to obtain the casting. Action David Joy
Jack Munro gave a report on discussions he had held with Eleanor Bowman, of the East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal Group, and her wish that she would like to work closely with KOTG in the future. Jack said he was very impressed with Mrs Bowman and her charity work and praised her hard work over the last 20 years.
Jack said that he had offered her charity group a place on the KOTG website and also invited her to attend our future meetings as a kindred spirit.
Jack then outlined details of two individual appeals to help in the financing of providing specially adapted and more expensive wheelchairs in which KOTG would fund one-third of the overall cost with Mrs Bowman’s group and also the Jim Leishman Trust charity.
Members agreed in principle to the joint collaboration, but asked for clarification over the question of funding repairs and to whom the wheelchair would revert when no longer required.Jack agreed to pursue the matter in future discussions. Action Jack Munro
David Joy also reported on two other requests to fund powered wheelchairs and the committee agreed to request Colin Struthers, of Med Ecosse, to undertake assessments. Action David Joy and secretary.
Jack Munro reported that he and three colleagues would be taking part in a golf competition at Penwortham GC from which part of the proceeds would be donated to KOTG. He added that the KOTG patron, David Joy, and honorary member Emil Pacholek, would be among the guest speakers at the club’s annual captain’s dinner later this year.
Jack said that the present captain of the club is personal friend and former St Andrean Hugh Paterson, who had selected KOTG as one of its nominated charities during his tenure as captain. The committee warmly welcomed the generous gesture.

The meeting closed at 12 noon with a vote of thanks to the chair.