Minutes of Policy Committee Meeting

12 September 2011

 Minutes of the Policy Committee Meeting held on Monday 12 September 2011 at 5.30 pm in the downstairs lounge of the St Andrews Golf Club


In attendance:  David Joy, Iain Stewart, Emil Pacholek, George Peper, Hamish Steedman, Jack Munro, Janet Finlay


Apologies:  Dennis Clark, Jack Willoughby, Jamie Gardner, John White, Barry Kerr



1          Welcome and Apologies

DJ welcomed all present to the meeting, with a special welcome to JF at her first meeting since re-joining KOTG.  Apologies were noted as above.



2          Approval of Minutes from 10 May 2011

Approval of the minutes was proposed by JM and seconded by IS. 



3          Matters arising

Page 1:  everything OK

Page 2:  JM will cover these points in the meeting

Page 3:  AGM – all OK

Page 4:  AOCB – The pwc belonging to applicant no 2010/06 has been repaired.  She kindly sent a donation of £100, which has been supported by a Gift Aid Form, and a thank-you letter has been sent by JF. 

Titleist: DJ has had further talks with Titleist about the provision of golf balls and hopes that a continuing relationship will develop with a view to possibly donating a pwc in the future.   

Lapel pins:  DJ has asked the jewellers for the master for the lapel pin badge.

Joint presentation of wheelchairs:  Following approval at the last meeting, KOTG had contributed one third for two wheelchairs, with the remaining two thirds paid by the East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal Group and the Mary Leishman Trust.  Mrs E Bowman hopes to arrange a joint presentation for applicant no 2011/04 at the Craws Nest in the near future.  Where some pwcs may prove to be too expensive for KOTG to purchase alone, there is a good synergy between these associated charities for joint funding.  JM followed up the Committee’s concerns as regards the future maintenance and care of these pwcs which are funded jointly, and it was agreed that a common sense approach will be adopted, with each charity taking responsibility for a chair in turn.

Charity donation from Penwortham GC:   This year’s Captain, Hugh Paterson (son of AB Paterson) and member of XIXth Hole GC, nominated KOTG as the principal charity during his year of captaincy.  Following a charity golf match, a charity dinner with EP and DJ speaking and a silent auction, the sum raised will be about £6,000.  A parachute jump this weekend by the Captain will also add further funds.  The Lancashire Golf Association will also make a donation to the Captain’s chosen charity which will amount to a further £600.  The final total should purchase 2 pwcs.  It was proposed that as two golfers from Penwortham had successfully bid for a golf and accommodation package in St Andrews next April, the presentation of 1 pwc could be made at that time. 


4          Review of Income and Expenditure

JF presented a brief analysis over the past 5 years of the income and expenditure in the admin account, in particular highlighting the reduced level of income for membership fees.  This point will be addressed later in the meeting under item 7.



5          Review possible pwc recipients

JF circulated information on three possible recipients:


Applicant no 2011/07:  A letter of support had been submitted by his GP and he had been assessed by Med Ecosse.  Their recommendation was for a mobility scooter at £875.


Applicant no 2011/08:  A letter of support had been received from her GP and she had been assessed by Med Ecosse.  Their recommendation was for a M61pwc at £2,285.


Applicant no 2011/09:  A detailed email had been received from his daughter outlining his condition.  JF to follow up and request a doctor’s referral letter and an assessment from Med Ecosse.                                                                                                     Action:  JF


Med Ecosse had intimated that they are holding 2 pwcs which may be suitable for refurbishment and re-distribution.                                                                            Action:  JF


DJ has uplifted a scooter from which may be suitable for refurbishment and then be re-presented to applicant no 2011/07.  JF to follow up with Med Ecosse.               Action: JF


DJ to follow up with Sheena Willoughby re the possibility of collecting a chair from a previous recipient which may no longer be required.                                           Action:  DJ


The meeting agreed that in principle every effort would be made to provide chairs / scooter for the above three applicants nos 2011/07, 08 and 09.                      Action:  JF


JM had been investigating the possibility of an annual insurance cover for new chairs / scooters.  Med Ecosse had quoted a premium of £90 per year with their recommended company, for machines up to £5,000 in value, and which would cover the following – accidental damage, personal liability, 24/7 breakdown cover, loss of keys, personal accident, personal effects, loan machine, hire costs, legal expenses, any driver etc.  JM to request a new quote for an annual premium to cover all chairs donated each year, bearing in mind that the first year will come with the manufacturer’s guarantee.                                                                                                                 Action:  JM



6          Letter of agreement for future pwc recipients

This had been discussed at previous meetings and the justification for writing a letter to future pwc recipients had been compounded by a recent incident.  A friend of the family of a recent (2010) pwc recipient, had contacted KOTG intimating that the recipient no longer had a use for the chair and could it be collected.  However, when Med Ecosse went to collect it, they were told that he had decided to keep it after all.  Then his son had contacted Med Ecosse and unwittingly tried to sell the pwc back to them.  The Committee had previously agreed that this was not in the spirit of KOTG and had instigated the drafting of this letter to avoid any future unpleasantness.  JM had initially drafted a letter which was followed by a further draft letter from EP.  All agreed that EP’s letter was most appropriate and should be used for all future donations of pwcs.  However, JWhite had raised some concern about ownership of the pwcs and it was agreed that JF would follow up with Ian Palfrey.                                                                                              Action:  JF



7          Membership survey / initial communication from Hon Secretary

With JF’s recent appointment, it had been suggested at an earlier meeting that it was an opportune time to make contact with the membership and to seek their feedback and responses to certain questions.  JM had drafted a letter which had previously been circulated to all attendees.  Suggestions were made to include questions on ‘what members would like to see, what activity would they like to become involved in, are you aware of the new website and access to its information’.  JM and JF to meet with a view to circulating this letter by email to members at the beginning of November.

                                                                                                                      Action:  JM/JF    


JF had previously updated the membership lists and had passed them to JM for analysis.  JM reported the following breakdown of the membership:

FLM – 151 members (115 from N America, 22 from Scotland, 7 from England and others) – 58 had paid their 2011 membership fees.

LM – 97 members (35 from Scotland, 29 from N America, 7 from England and others) – 33 had paid their 2011 membership fees.   


JM highlighted two points from these figures: 

1 – a low membership base in the UK

2 – low number of members who had paid their annual subscription


DJ stated that when FLMs were initially granted, some of the members believed that their donation had been a one-off payment and no payment of an annual subscription was required.  HS also highlighted that a push on new members has not been addressed in recent years and there was an opportunity to simplify the membership categories. 



8          Communications update

·      JM was pleased to report that he had recently received a lengthy email from Canada and that they had been actively raising money for donation to a local charity.  The Committee agreed that they were comfortable with what they were achieving under the banner of KOTG. 

·      JM is regularly updating the blog page on the website but is always looking for news and items to add to the website.   

·      JM passed special thanks to GP for his recent submissions which have been uploaded to the website.  He also thanked HS for his link to the World Hickory Magazine.

·      Rather than printing the complete article on the pages, JM will arrange to copy the first couple of lines of each article, with a link to expand the full article.

·      DJ has some articles to pass to JM for inclusion on the website                    Action: DJ

·      HS highlighted that the Events Page does not list the events in the correct order, with the current events at the top of the page.  JM confirmed that he would need to contact Buzz Computers to action this and as part of the ongoing improvement of the website, there may be costs incurred.  The Committee agreed to meet these costs.                                                                                                                   Action:  JM




9          Grand Challenge Match

JF had circulated an invitation to members to compete in the Grand Challenge Match on Friday 23 September on the Jubilee Course.  DJ and JF will contact other members to remind them of the invitation.  The timing of the Supper to be changed to 6.00 pm. 

                                                                                                                        Action:  JF/DJ



10      2012 Spring Meeting and Grand Challenge Match

JF will look at possible dates and present at the next meeting.                            Action:  JF



11      AOCB


DJ has emptied his filing cabinet and shelves – awaiting transportation to the KOTG office in the St Andrews GC.


DJ spoke about the introduction of Mike Rieder as an Honorary Friend of KOTG.  His moving and poignant story had been filmed by ESPN and had received many thousands of hits on the internet.  Both the ESPN producer of the film and Mike Rieder had been nominated by DJ as Honorary Friends. 


DJ will forward a list of Honorary Friends and Friends of Keepers to JF for her information.                                                                                                                Action:  DJ


GP raised the question of the association between the St Andrews GC and Keepers, and whether there was an opportunity for a union to be formed permitting overseas Keepers members to be made welcome into the St Andrews GC during their visit in St Andrews.  DJ suggested that as the Club was undergoing a review of the membership in relation to guests / ladies, it may not be an opportune time to raise this issue.  He added that The Dunvegan Hotel has always been considered a meeting point for members. 


A friend of Richard Pecks had applied for membership of KOTG.  JF passed the completed membership form with credit card details to HS for making and shipping the clubs.  HS will confirm delivery date and look into the situation regarding the processing of the credit card payment.  HS will also confirm the amount paid to KOTG for each new member.                                                                                                                 Action:  HS


JF highlighted that there is not a membership form on the website, nor is there a Friends of Keepers form.  JM to upload on to the website.                                           Action:  JF/JM


The East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal – Charity Dinner:  Mrs Eleanor Bowman had sent an invitation to their fundraising Charity Dinner on Sunday 13 November at the Craw’s Nest Hotel, Anstruther at a cost of £38 per head.  It was agreed that EP, DJ and IS would attend, possibly one other also. JF to circulate an email.                                     Action:  JF


BMI International:   This Club Managers Conference will be held in St Andrews from 13 – 18 October with KOTG as the nominated charity.  DJ and his caddie will attend the Dinner on Tuesday 18 October.  A charity auction will take place at the Gala Dinner. 

                                                                                                                               Action:  DJ/JF 


Date of next meeting:  JF to organise a meeting prior to 11 November.          Action:  JF