Minutes of Policy Committee Meeting

01 November 2011

 Minutes of the Policy Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 1 November 2011 at 5.30 pm in the downstairs lounge of the St Andrews Golf Club


In attendance:  David Joy, Emil Pacholek, Jack Willoughby, John White, Iain Stewart, Don Stewart, George Peper, Jamie Gardner, Jack Munro, Hamish Steedman, Janet Finlay   


Apologies:  Barry Kerr, Dennis Clark



1          Welcome and Apologies

DJ welcomed all present to the meeting and explained that the meeting had been called earlier than may be deemed necessary, but it was to approve and action some outstanding points prior to JM’s departure to Australia until the end of January. 

Apologies were noted as above. 


2          Approval of Minutes from 12 September 2011

Approval of the minutes was proposed by GP and seconded by EP.  EP asked for the correction of his surname – apologies from Hon Sec. 


3          Matters arising

Page 1, item 3:  Lapel pins – DJ had secured the master for the lapel pin badge.  Following a conversation between HS and D Kirkwood regarding sourcing a new pin badge, JF will speak to D Kirkwood on her visit there on 2 Nov.                Action:  JF

Page 2, item 5:  Update – Med Ecosse are now holding two pwcs, one scooter (valued £1800) and one folding canvas chair and battery. 

Page 2, item 5:  Insurance – following several phone calls, JF finally contacted the British Insurers Brokers Association and was awaiting an email providing further information. (Update:  Reply received from Higos Insurance Services Ltd – they stated that as the pwcs “are in the custody, care and control of a third party for a long term basis they would need to insure the wheelchairs individually whilst being used by them. The insurers have queried if you are responsible for any repair or maintenance of the items as if not, any breakdown cover would also need to be arranged separately by the recipients of the wheelchairs.”  This is, therefore, not what we were trying to provide for the pwc recipients.  JW has spoken to his insurers and is preparing a paper on the rights, responsibilities and risks involved.)

Page 2, item 6:  JF had contacted I Palfrey who confirmed that with KOTG retaining ownership of the pwcs, they would become fixed assets and be depreciated each year in the annual accounts.

Page 4, item 11: 

·       The filing cabinet and shelves are now located in the Keepers office. 

·       DJ still to forward list of Honorary Friends and Friends of Keepers to JF.  JF has asked DJ for two certificates for two new Friends.                                               Action:  DJ

·       Re new member, Curtis Montgomery - now that the membership numbers have been confirmed, clubs to be shipped asap.                                                                   Action:  HS

·       Charity Dinner – Mrs Eleanor Bowman on Sunday 13 November:  EP, DJ and IS will attend.  DJ to contact D Clark to see if he would like to attend.  JF to confirm places for 3/4.                                                                                                                        Action:  DJ/JF

·       An auction in aid of Keepers of the Green took place at the recent BMI / CMAA Conference in St Andrews.  Old Tom and his caddie made an appearance which was very well received by the delegates.  £6,000 was raised, thanks to successful auctioneering from Mr J Singerling. Certain expenses re shipping etc will be deducted before being passed to KOTG.    


4          Review of Income and Expenditure

KOTG account:  Statement of account from 1.8.11 – 28.10.11 – the balance is £5740.

KOTG Foundation account:  Statement of account from 1.1.11 – 31.10.11 – the balance is £18,148. 

DJ thanked GP for his donation which had been handed to DJ at the start of the meeting.  JF to acknowledge receipt.                                                                                Action:  JF 

EP highlighted that he was awaiting a cheque from the Probus group for donation to KOTG and DJ also mentioned that his forthcoming visits to Falkirk, Stirling and Edinburgh would result in further donations to KOTG. 


5          Review pwc recipients

Following approval at the last meeting, JF had followed up with Med Ecosse regarding the provision of a scooter for application no 2011/07 and a pwc for application no 2011/08.  JF was delighted to confirm that they were both now in receipt of their ‘new wheels’. 

JF had followed up with the daughter of application no 2011/09 but despite encouragement from his daughter, the applicant did not wish to pursue his request for assistance from KOTG. 


Two further applications had been received:

2011/10 – details had been circulated to the attendees prior to the meeting.  A young man of 42 years of age who had been in a wheelchair since birth due to cerebral palsy.  A past Olympic swimming champion, his GP and specialist nurse had put forward a strong case for assistance with a pwc.  JF to ask Med Ecosse to assess him further.                                                                                                                                      Action:  JF

2011/11 – an application just recently received and information circulated to the attendees at the meeting, which included a lengthy detailed letter from the applicant, her Occupational Therapist and a quotation for a specific pwc to suit her exacting requirements.  There may be the opportunity to work with the East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal via Mrs E Bowman in joint funding.  After much discussion, the meeting agreed that, in the first instance, JF to contact Med Ecosse to seek their advice on the quotation for the specific chair.  As more information may come to light, JF to liaise with IS in order that this application does not become too protracted.                                         Action:  JF


6          Letter of agreement for pwc recipients

Following approval of the letter so well drafted by EP, JF had circulated a final copy for the attendees.  This letter and ownership form will now be sent to the two recent recipients, application nos 2011/07 and 2011/08.                                                 Action: JF


7          Membership Survey

JF had completed the letter and membership survey to be circulated to all KOTG Members and Friends.  Following approval by the meeting, JF will now circulate the two documents by email, where possible, or by letter, during November, with responses requested by end December 2011.   




8          Communications update

·       DJ had produced an article which JF will scan in order for JM to upload it on to the website.  Further articles to follow from DJ.                                                          Action:  DJ

·       JM will upload the minutes from the recent Policy Committee Meetings on to the website.  In order to protect the identity of pwc applicants, a reference number will be used.                                                                                                        Action:  JM/ JF

·       JM has already identified certain improvements to the website, but he proposed that during his absence over the winter, all attendees peruse the website and bring suggestions for improvements to the next meeting in the New Year.  These proposals will then be taken to Buzz, the website designers, with the request to make the appropriate amendments ‘en masse’.                                                                     Action:  All attendees


9          2012 Spring Meeting and Grand Challenge Match

The following dates were approved for 2012:


Spring Meeting – Friday 13 April 2012 – Jubilee Course – 12.16 to 12.56 pm


Grand Challenge Match – Friday 7 Sept 2012 – Jubilee Course – 11.28 am to 12.08 pm


JF to confirm these dates with the St Andrews Links Trust.                              Action:  JF


Two members are still awaiting their winning Old Tom miniature busts from the 2009 Grand Challenge Match – JF to follow up.                                                            Action:  JF


10      AOCB

There was no other business to discuss so the meeting closed at 6.35 pm.


11      Date of next meeting

JF to arrange a meeting for beginning of February 2012.