Newsletter January 2012

12 January 2012

Dear Fellow Member,

Thank you to all those members who took the time to complete the review – this was circulated to all members in December 2011 to determine if the mission and aims of Keepers of the Green were still relevant and appropriate.  There is still the opportunity to return the form – we welcome all feedback and involvement in our activities.  The overwhelming response was that the members fully support the charitable purposes of Keepers and feel honoured to be a member of our international fellowship of golfers with its historic links in St Andrews.

Contact Details
One of the objectives of the review was to confirm the up-to-date contact details for all members.  If you received the review and this letter by post, and you have an email address that you would be happy to provide for all future KOTG correspondence, please drop me an email on  This will enable me to maintain closer contact with you (and you with me!) and to circulate regular correspondence, including the minutes from our Policy Committee Meetings.  The minutes are currently available to view on our website and you are invited to respond and contribute to any of the points raised.  My role is to maintain regular communication with all members and an email address will help to achieve this.    

2012 Golf Fixtures
Please accept this as an open invitation to all members, nominated guests, Friends, supporters and sponsors to join us for either or both of the fixtures below:

Spring Meeting – Friday 13 April 2012 – Jubilee Course
Grand Challenge Match – Friday 7 September 2012 – Jubilee Course

Some overseas members have intimated that, in the past, there was insufficient notice of these fixtures to enable the appropriate travel plans to be made.  Therefore, please put these dates in your diary and let me know as soon as possible if you hope and intend to play in either of the above events.   Without an email address for all members, it is not always feasible for me to contact everyone with an invitation just prior to these events. 

The green fees for these fixtures will be kept to a minimum with the help of our local members who can utilise some of their ‘guest points’ on the Links.  The golf is always followed by the prize-giving and supper in the St Andrews Golf Club, to which all playing and non-playing members and guests are duly invited.  We look forward to seeing as many members and guests as possible participate in these golf fixtures. 

Wheelchair Presentations
With grateful thanks and appreciation for the overwhelming financial support from our members, our supporters and generous sponsors, we have once again been able to provide wheelchairs and

scooters to some deserving recipients during 2011.  The lives of Mrs Carol Gordon (St Andrews), Mrs Rose Gray (St Andrews), Mr John Hodge (Largoward) and Mr William McQueen (Dalgety Bay) have been changed for the better thanks to the gift of powered mobility. 

Keepers of the Green joined with two other local charities for a presentation to two deserving recipients who were in need of specially designed powered wheelchairs to cater for their particular needs, with each of the three charities contributing one third of the overall costs.   

The fundraising and generosity of our members and sponsors is always astounding, none more so this year than Hugh Paterson, a St Andrean, and the 2011 Captain of Penwortham Golf Club.  He kindly nominated Keepers of the Green as his chosen charity during his year of captaincy and through various functions he has raised nearly £6,000.
The Club Managers Association of America once again held their international conference in St Andrews during October 2011 and thanks to the generosity of their club managers, raised £6,000.
Colin Paton, of Portland Hotels, donated a wheelchair for the second year in a row.  Donations throughout the year were received from Emil Pacholek, Kilrymont Rotary Club, St Andrews Ladies Putting Club, Graeme Lennie, Peter Crabtree, Jamie Gardner, Alistair Macdonald, Sportsman’s Charity, World Hickory Open Championship, Sheila Taylor, Tara Forster, George Peper, Iain Bett.  All donations, however large or small, are very gratefully received. 

Overseas Clans
Our overseas membership has once again organised various events to meet in fellowship and join in the spirit of Keepers of the Green.  The clans in Maryland, USA, and Ontario, Canada, met with their respective members and guests in September 2011 to enjoy hickory golf in the spirit of friendship and philanthropy.

The full list of members and their contact details will be published on the website in the coming months, providing the opportunity for members to contact fellow Keepers as they travel around the world. 

2012 Affiliation
The responses to the recent review acknowledged that there is an ongoing need for an annual affiliation fee to assist with the administrative costs involved in coordinating the charitable work and membership functions of Keepers of the Green.  There were also suggestions that an optional donation in addition to the annual payment of £25 / $50 might be more appropriate.  

We hope to see many members in St Andrews over the coming year.  We sincerely thank you for your continuing support of Keepers of the Green.  

 With kind regards


Janet Finlay
Hon Secretary