Minutes of Policy Committee Meeting

15 May 2012

Minutes of the Policy Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 15 May 2012 at 5.30 pm in the downstairs lounge of the St Andrews Golf Club

In attendance: David Joy, Emil Pacholek, Jack Willoughby, Iain Stewart, Jack Munro, Hamish Steedman, Janet Finlay

Apologies: Jamie Gardner, Donald Stewart, Barry Kerr, Bruce Votta, Jim Nordlie, Richard Yarham, John Frame, Terence O’Donovan, Peter Crabtree, Peter Levy, Jack Curley, Ian Bett, Richard Bates, Andrew Soulsby, James Bunch.

1 Welcome and Apologies
DJ welcomed all present to the meeting and apologies were noted as above.

2 Approval of Minutes from 6 February 2012
Approval of the minutes was proposed by JW and seconded by EP.

3 Matters arising
Page 1, item 3:
• Lapel pins – DJ has contacted David Martin, who has agreed to return the master of the pin badges to DJ. DJ to follow up. Action: DJ
• Articles for website – DJ phoned BK and asked him to forward articles to JM to upload on to the website. Action: BK/JM
• JM to re-type newspaper article on M Reeder for website. JF to contact D Miller at the Citizen Office to source the original photographs. Action: JM/JF
Page 2, item 4: Balance of donation received from Penwortham GC, total donation £5,350. The Club will look to present pwcs in their name at the 2013 Open in Muirfield.
Page 2, item 6: Golf Festival - special awards were made in the name of KOTG. Frank Cougan’s nephew supplied the awards, busts of Old Tom Morris. The Keepers of the Green Award for Courage was presented to Mike Reeder, Honorary Friend of KOTG. JM highlighted that DJ, Patron of KOTG, had also received an award – further details are on the KOTG website http://www.keepersofthegreen.org/blogdetails.html?idb=32
Page 2, item 7: The St Andrews Caddies Club is now established and they are keen to arrange a match against KOTG. Action: DJ
Page 3, item 9: JM has written to Mr A Morris re sourcing an appropriate contact within Fife Health Board.

4 Review of Income and Expenditure
JF presented the accounts for the period from 1 Jan – 12 May 2012:
KOTG account – 2012 subscriptions received to date amount to £2372.83 with £640 received as donations which will be transferred to the Foundation account. JF will send reminders to members to request payment of the £25/$50 annual affiliation fee at their earliest convenience.
KOTG Foundation account - JF highlighted the donations received and the payments made for the purchase of two pwcs.

5 Review of pwc recipients
2012/02: A gentleman has suffered cancer of the spine and has been paraplegic since 1999. He still has full use of his upper limbs and his GP strongly recommends a pwc to aid his mobility and quality of life. Following an assessment report by Med Ecosse, the Committee agreed to proceed with the purchase of a pwc for this applicant.

2012/03: A patient in England has suffered spinal damage and resultant paralysis from the neck down. His rehabilitation has been to increase his independence, to return to work and to start to drive again. The purchase of a light-weight and maneuverable pwc would aid his rehabilitation. Earlier approval for this pwc had been agreed through communication with Committee members prior to the meeting and a payment of £2,911.30 had been made to the pwc provider in England.

2012/04: An earlier recipient of a pwc in 2000 has had full use of his chair and despite new batteries and tyres, it is no longer fit for purpose. A supporting letter had been received from his GP and it was agreed that Med Ecosse would be asked to assess his needs further.

DJ highlighted the possible return of a pwc from a local St Andrews lady, which may be suitable for refurbishment for applicant no 2012/04 above. DJ to follow up. Action: DJ

6 Participation of Members
The cancellation of the Spring Meeting had been met with much disappointment but there was no alternative as there were insufficient members who were available to take part. It was all the more disheartening as each and every member of Keepers is invited and welcomed to compete in this golf event, including Friends of Keepers.

A discussion followed on why this had occurred and what action could be taken to ensure that the Autumn meeting attracted a greater number of entrants. Suggestions to change the format, ie a team of one playing with hickory, one playing with standard clubs, re-introduce the hickory clinic, include a pwc presentation.

The date of the Grand Challenge Match (Friday 7 September 2012) has already been circulated on the annual newsletter but a concerted effort will be made to encourage members to come together for an enjoyable annual gathering.

7 Shared use of office facilities
The KOTG office within the St Andrews GC is now shared with James Bunch, the European Manager of GlobalGolfPost, an online digital magazine. JB is very keen to be involved with KOTG and, through his network of business and golf contacts, will seek to secure possible involvement from Paul Lawrie and Sandy Lyle, who have previously intimated their interest in playing with hickories.

8 Any other business
JM enquired about the Hickory Golf magazine – HS responded that he had not heard an update recently but would enquire further and also establish the dates for the National Hickory Championships. Action: HS

In collating the information for the year-end accounts, JF had queried the value of the golf bags and the golf club heads, which had been paid for several years previously by KOTG to St Andrews Golf Co. HS acknowledged that there had been an oversight and agreed to repay £2,288, on receipt of the appropriate invoice from JF. He also agreed to look into previous payments of the £50 donations which were to have been paid from St A Golf Co to KOTG. Action: HS / JF

JM wanted to acknowledge in writing the fact that Peter Alliss, an Honorary Member of KOTG, had been accepted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Annual General Meeting: to be held on Tuesday 12 June 2012 at 5.30 pm in the St Andrews Golf Club. Following a discussion, it was agreed that JF contact all Trustees to seek their willingness to be re-elected, whilst stressing the need for a strong and participating leadership, and their commitment to attend a minimum number of meetings each year. G Peper had already intimated that he was unable to re-stand as a Trustee of Keepers of the Green.

The meeting concluded at 6.40 pm.