Patron's Annual Report

01 July 2012

Annual Report
David Joy, Patron of Keepers of the Green, presented his annual report for the year ending 31 December 2011.

“I reported at year ending 31 December 2009 and I quote “As for the ongoing saga of the website, I hope to report with pride at the next AGM that it is up and running.” Fast forward to year ending 31 December 2010 – it wasn’t! However, with Jack Munro entering the fray, I had hope that in this year’s report, it would be up and running and ……… it is! Thank you, Jack.

Special thanks go to our Honorary Secretary, Janet Finlay, who came back in to the fold and has made such a difference in the efficient way she conducts our affairs.

There was much constructive discussions made during the year and the two most important changes were that:
(a) we follow up on all our recipients of pwcs and provide a service of upkeep and repair, and
(b) that a letter of agreement went out to the recipients that the chairs would remain our property.

Donations continued to be forthcoming with around £6000 raised by Hugh Paterson during his year as Captain of Penwortham GC which included inviting myself and Emil Pacholek to talk at the Captain’s Annual Dinner accompanied by fellow Keepers, Jack Munro and Dennis Clark 

The Club Managers Association of America held their annual conference in October, and with Keepers of the Green as their nominated charity, raised a further £5,500, with special thanks to our Honorary Secretary, Janet.

The Sportsman’s Dinner yet again provided income by auctioning a membership to Keepers of the Green.

Jack Munro instigated a membership survey which proved useful and created discussion on how the membership should become much more aware of the progress and activities of Keepers through ensuring that minutes of all meetings should be sent to ALL members.

Mike Reeder was made an Honorary Friend of Keepers, as well as Ben Houser of ESPN, who directed a powerful and emotional film on Mike playing the Old Course in a wheelchair and breaking 80. It is hoped through Ben that ESPN will cover the presentation of wheelchairs at the 2013 Open Championship in Muirfield.

We broadened our activity to share projects with the Mary Leishman Trust and the East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal Group, and welcomed Eleanor Bowman as an Honorary Friend. Iain Stewart, Emil Pacholek and myself attended her main fundraising dinner at the Craw’s Nest in November.

We continue to have support for office space in the St Andrews Golf Club.

The Spring Meeting attracted 14 members and guests, with 20 attending the Supper.

Dougie Miller gave up the post of our paid Secretary to continue his career as a journalist in the summer and thankfully Janet became ‘our born again’ Honorary Secretary.”