Minutes of Policy Committee Meeting

31 July 2012


 Minutes of Policy Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 31st July 2012 at 5.30pm in the downstairs lounge of The St Andrews Golf Club.

In attendance: David Joy, Jack Willoughby, Iain Stewart, Jack Munro, Hamish Steedman, Donald Stewart, Tom Tibiletti, Bill Hicks, Frank Cougan, Janet Finlay

Apologies: Jamie Gardner, Barry Kerr, Emil Pacholek, Dennis Clark

1 Welcome and Apologies
DJ welcomed all present to the meeting, with a special mention to Bill Hicks and Tom Tibiletti, members from the USA. Apologies were noted as above.

2 Approval of Minutes from 15 May 2012
Approval of the minutes was proposed by JW and seconded by IS.

3 Matters arising
Page 1, item 3:
• Lapel pins/dye stamp – DJ had contacted David Martin, who stated that the dye stamp was left with Nick at Openview Gallery. DJ to follow up with Nick. Action: DJ
• Articles for website – BK has passed an article to JM, which has now been published on the website.
• DJ will speak to ESPN regarding Mike Reeder. Action: DJ
• A match between KOTG and the newly formed St Andrews Caddies Club is currently on hold for the present.
• JM will meet with AM next week. Action: JM
Page 2, item 7: JB will maintain his interest in working with KOTG.
Page 2, item 8: HS agreed to pay the outstanding invoice of £2,288 in August and to review the outstanding donation payments in more detail. Action: HS

4 Review of Income and Expenditure
JF presented the accounts for the period from 1 Jan – 28 July 2012:
KOTG account – 2012 subscriptions received to date amount to £2,270 with £785 received as donations which will be transferred to the Foundation account. (Subs 2011 - £2,581, 2010 - £3,423) JF will send a further reminder to members to request payment of the £25/$50 annual affiliation fee at their earliest convenience, together with the invitation to play in the Grand Challenge Match in September. New members LM 116 – Bill Dunlap, LM 117 – Eric Brown, LM 118 – Nick Hyde, LM 119 – Michael Palmore. JF still to receive invoice from St A GC for LM 117-119 inc, so the account balance of £9,300 is somewhat misleading. Action: JF/HS
KOTG Foundation account - JF highlighted the donations received and the payments made for the purchase of one pwc and a powerpack for another pwc.

5 Review of pwc recipients and applications
2012/04: Following the due assessment process of this gentleman’s needs, a £2,100 pwc was delivered on 7 July 2012.

2012/05: A local man, suffering from Parkinson’s Disease, had been assessed by Med Ecosse and it had been determined that a scooter (possibly a re-cycled scooter from stock) would aid his independence. JF had spoken to his wife and due to his current condition, this possible donation would be kept on hold for the present. JF to follow up.
Action: JF

2012/06: The mother of a 17 year old cerebral palsy sufferer had contacted KOTG to seek funding to purchase a powerpack for his pwc which they were unable to afford. This had been agreed and subsequently purchased and delivered to an extremely grateful young man.

2012/07: JF had received a letter of recommendation for a patient in Fife from the Occupational Therapist in Dundee. The patient has also been assessed by East Neuk Wheelchairs. JF contacted E Bowman re the possibility of sharing the purchase of a pwc. JF to follow up. Action: JF

2012/08: Repairs of £150 to a previous recipient had been approved.

DJ had contacted Med Ecosse prior to the meeting to enquire if they wished to make any comments or suggestions – no response had been received to date.

DJ will follow up the return of a chair from a local lady; JW, too, will follow up the return of a chair from another local lady. Action: DJ/JW

DJ informed the meeting that as from 12 months ago, the pwc recipients are now advised that the pwcs belong to KOTG, with regular servicing and upkeep managed through Keepers. When the chairs are no longer required, they are returned for refurbishment and re-presentation to another recipient.

6 Grand Challenge Match: Friday 7 September 2012
JF will circulate the invitation to all members to participate in this golf event which will be followed by supper in the St Andrews GC and an annual review of Keepers’ activities. Members are asked to invite friends and partners to join in the golf and/or supper.
DJ and JM will meet to look at a list of potential invitees for the supper from friends and supporters of Keepers. Action: DJ/JM

Annual General Meeting: This meeting had taken place on 12 June 2012 where the Trustees of KOTG and KOTG Foundation were duly elected. A Trustee of KOTG Foundation is still to be confirmed.

The meeting concluded at 6.30 pm.