Minutes of Policy Committee Meeting

18 February 2013

Minutes of the Policy Committee Meeting held on Monday 18 February 2013 at 5.30 pm in the downstairs lounge of the St Andrews Golf Club

In attendance: David Joy, Jack Willoughby, Iain Stewart, Hamish Steedman, Donald Stewart, Bill Hicks, Frank Cougan, John White, Colin Balsillie, Jamie Gardner, Janet Finlay

Apologies: Jack Munro, Emil Pacholek, Dennis Clark, David Mann, Raymond Gatherum, Eric Brown

1 Welcome and Apologies
DJ welcomed all present to the meeting and apologies were noted as above.

2 Approval of Minutes from 31 July 2012
Approval of the minutes was proposed by D Stewart and seconded by B Hicks. Although there had been no formal meeting since July 2012, the business of Keepers had been on-going with regular discussions taking place.

3 Matters arising
Page 1, item 3:
• Lapel pins/dye stamp – On-going. Action: DJ
• Articles for website – BK has passed an article to JM, which has now been published on the website.
• DJ’s discussions with ESPN – On-going. Action: DJ
• The match between KOTG and the St Andrews Caddies Golf Club will take place in the Spring time.
Page 2, item 8: All outstanding payments have been made by St Andrews GC.

4 Review of Income and Expenditure
JF presented the accounts for the period from 1 Jan – 31 December 2012:
KOTG account – 2012 subscriptions amounted to £3,200 with £785 received as donations, which was transferred to the Foundation account. The account balance as at 31 December was just over £9,000.
KOTG Foundation account – As a result of generous donations throughout the year, the level of income matched the level of expenditure, resulting in a similar balance at the end of the year as at the beginning of the year, £22,700.

5 Update from Med Ecosse
Communication with Med Ecosse was temporarily lost due to them using the incorrect email address, but contact has now been restored. They have recently uplifted 2 x pwcs that were no longer required. DJ has spoken with Med Ecosse and they are happy to uplift and store these pwcs until they can be re-presented to individuals in need of powered mobility.

6 Potential pwc recipients
2013/01: JF had received an email from a Fife Social Worker regarding a patient with cerebral palsy who had received a £6,600 quotation for a replacement chair. Following JF’s request for a letter and additional information from the patient’s GP has not received a response to date. JF to follow up. Action: JF

7 Open Championship 2013 – Muirfield – Wednesday 17 July
The main focus for wheelchair presentations in 2013 will be at the Open Championship, with the kind permission of The R&A. A meeting with Mr R Price, The R&A, will take place on Monday 4 March – JF, JM and DS to attend.
JF to write to local East Lothian/Edinburgh members asking for their involvement.
Action: JF

8 Spring Meeting – Friday 12 April 2013
JF will circulate the invitation to all members to participate in this golf event which will be followed by supper in the St Andrews GC. Members are asked to invite friends and partners to join in the golf and/or supper.

Old Tom Busts: The stock of these busts, which are awarded to the winners of the Spring Meeting and Grand Challenge Match in the Autumn, is running low. Quote received from FC/S Paterson for a minimum order of 24 pcs at £30 each. It was agreed that JF proceed to place an order for 24 pcs. Action: JF

CMAA: Mr J Singerling, CMAA, had stated that he was considering a sizeable grant for the support of KOTG and enquired as to whether this would be helpful. After discussion, it was proposed that there may be an opportunity to raise the profile of Keepers of the Green through the CMAA network and promote the concept of ‘Friends of Keepers of the Green’ in the US.

Match vs East Lothian: JG to arrange a return match in St Andrews against Keepers members from East Lothian. Action: JG

Tain GC: The ‘Stoaters’ of Tain GC celebrate their 50th Anniversary in 2016. FC to speak to DJ about taking ‘Old Tom’ to their dinner.

Golf Business Forum: JW stated that KPMG will hold their Forum from 3-5 June at The Fairmont. DJ has already agreed to take ‘Old Tom’ to the dinner, where there will also be an auction, a part of which will be for KOTG.

The meeting concluded at 6.30 pm.