Minutes of Policy Committee Meeting

22 October 2013



Minutes of the Policy Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 22 October 2013 at 5.30 pm in the downstairs lounge of the St Andrews Golf Club

In attendance:  David Joy, Hamish Steedman, John White, David Mann, Eric Brown, Jack Munro, Janet Finlay

Apologies:  Del Ritchie, Forrest Richardson, Win Padgett, Jack Willoughby, Bill Hicks, Ashton Poole, Rua Petty, Terry O’Donovan, Peter Levy, Kevin Doyle, Mark Noble, Iain Stewart, Colin Kennedy, Michael Morris, Jim Singerling, Jay Stuller, Andrew Soulsby, Iain Bett, Tom Tibiletti, Jamie Gardner, Donald Stewart, Dennis Clark, Frank Cougan

1     Welcome and Apologies

DJ welcomed the attendees – apologies were noted as above. 

2    Review of 2013

      Spring Meeting: Friday 12 April - full report published on the website http://www.keepersofthegreen.org/blogdetails.html?idb=44

 Open Championship:  Full details of the wheelchair presentation with generous donors

http://www.keepersofthegreen.org/blogdetails.html?idb=4Autumn Meeting: Friday 6 September – full report published on the website



3    Outstanding pwc recipients

      2013/L:   A 73-year old gentleman was referred by Tirion Dickson in the Disabled Living Centre, Edinburgh, and a lengthy assessment process was carried out by Med Ecosse.  The initial quote for a suitable pwc exceeded the total amount Keepers had available.  It was agreed that a commitment be made for a contribution of £3,250 subject to the balance being met from other sources. 


      2013/E:  We were contacted by Leuchie House in April 2013 regarding a lady who attends for respite care.  Her condition resulted from a brain haemorrhage in 2000 and she was in need of a power chair to assist her mobility and independence.  After a detailed assessment from Med Ecosse, the quote for a suitable pwc exceeded £8,000.  It was agreed that JM contact Eleanor Bowman, East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal, with a view to sharing the cost of this chair. 


4    Review of Income and Expenditure

      JF presented the accounts for the period from 1 Jan – 21 October 2012:

KOTG Admin Account: Old Tom Busts are presented to the winners of the Spring Meeting and the Grand Challenge Match – 20 new busts were ordered.  Expenses amounting to £80 were incurred for the Open Championship – train fares and photographs.  The account balance is £9,700.


KOTG Foundation: Following an evening of conversation with Peter Alliss and Renton Laidlaw, the Rotary Club of St Andrews had donated £1500 which will be carried forward towards a pwc at the 2015 Open. A personal donation of over £3,000 was made by a generous benefactor. Over £900 was transferred from the admin account to the Foundation account – this amount was donated by individual members when paying for their 2013 affiliation fees.  As a result of generous donations in 2013, a year in which pwcs were presented at the Open Championship at Muirfield, the balance of funds in the Foundation account remained healthy on £27,865.75. 


5    AOCB

      St Andrews Caddies Club:  Due to busy schedules by the caddies, the proposed match between KOTG and the St Andrews Caddies Club did not take place.  However, they have begun their fund-raising campaign with the intention of presenting a pwc at the 2015 Open.     

JW will attend the RBS Charities Conference next week and will report back any relevant information. 


6    Date of next meeting

A PCM will be arranged in early 2014.