Minutes of Policy Committee Meeting

25 March 2014


Minutes of the Policy Committee Meeting held on Tuesday 25 March 2014 at 5.30 pm in the lounge of the St Andrews Golf Club


In attendance:  David Joy, Hamish Steedman, John White, Barry Kerr, Iain Stewart, Janet Finlay


Apologies:  Frank Cougan, Eric Brown, Stephen Harris, Bill Hicks, Jamie Gardner, Donald Stewart, Jack Willoughby, Jack Munro


1     Welcome and Apologies

DJ welcomed the attendees – apologies were noted as above. 


2    Review of Income and Expenditure for 2013/2014

      JF presented the accounts for the period 1 January – 31 December 2013:

      KOTG Admin account:  The 2013 subscriptions amounted to £3,312.46 - this included £933 of donations from members, which had been paid in to the Foundation account.  An order had been placed for 24 small Old Tom Morris busts, which are used as the prizes for the annual Spring Meeting and Grand Challenge Match – this amounted to £720.  The balance at the end of the year was £9,771.16, a slight increase on the balance of the account at 31 December 2012.

      KOTG Foundation account:  Six wheelchairs had been presented at the 2013 Open Championship at Muirfield, one only in name with the subsequent presentation made in February 2014 (see below – 2013/L).  Individual donations had been received for three of the recipients’ chairs, and the remaining three as a result of earlier donations received.


      JF presented the accounts for the period 1 January – 21 March 2014:  

      KOTG Admin account:  The 2014 subscriptions received to date amounted to just over £1,000.  Account balance £9,892.51. 

      KOTG Foundation account:  Individual donations had been received from two members.


3    Outstanding pwc recipients

      2013/L:  KOTG had committed £3,250 to a pwc for this gentleman from Edinburgh and his family donated the balance of the funds, £2,189.60, in order to purchase the chair that met his specific needs.  He was presented with the pwc on 13.3.14.


      2013/E:  Following on from the previous minutes dated 22.10.13, Mrs Eleanor Bowman, East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal, had agreed to contribute some funds towards the purchase of the suitable chair for this lady.  The breakdown of funding was:  KOTG - £3,030, East Neuk Wheelchair Appeal - £3,030; the family of the recipient - £1,979.  She was duly presented with her pwc in November 2013.   


      2014/A:  A 17-year-old young lady from Edinburgh is seeking a pwc to help her gain a more independent life-style as she leaves school in the summer.  It was agreed that JF ask Med Ecosse to visit and carry out a full assessment, and depending on their findings to contact D Mann with a view to proposing this lady as one of his outstanding recipients.  



4    Looking forward to 2014

      Spring Meeting – Friday 11 April:  An invitation had been circulated to all members on 17.3.14.

      Grand Challenge Match – Friday 5 September


5    AOCB

      St Andrews Caddies Golf Club:  With a new website and a proposed match against members of The R&A at Kingarrock, the St Andrews Caddies Golf Club is continuing to fundraise with a view to presenting a pwc at the 2015 Open Championship. 


      2015:  The build-up is already beginning for the presentation of chairs at the Open Championship in St Andrews.  It will be the 20th year of Keepers of the Green and ‘Old Tom’ may make an appearance in celebration of this milestone. 


      Golf balls:  The supply of KOTG logo-ed golf balls is now depleted.  DJ to follow up with Titleist.                                                                                                      Action:  DJ 


      Lapel badges:  The stock of the silver lapel badges is also depleted.  HS to follow up with a possible supplier, JF to follow up with Kirkwoods from Edinburgh.                 Action:  HS, JF