01 March 2015

Dear Fellow Member


As we move into 2015, we look forward to celebrating the 20th anniversary of Keepers of the Green and the 144th Open Championship on the Old Course, St Andrews. 


2015 Fixtures

These annual golf events are an important part of our international golfing fellowship ‘to promote the game of golf’.  Please accept this as an open invitation to all members, nominated guests, Friends, supporters and sponsors to join us for either or both of the fixtures below:


            Spring Meeting – Friday 17 April – Jubilee Course – 12.00 to 12.32 hrs

            Grand Challenge Match – Friday 11 September – Jubilee Course – 12.00 to 12.32 hrs


Please put these dates in your diary - an entry form for the Spring Meeting is available by contacting me through my email address.  The green fees for these fixtures will be kept to a minimum with the help of our local members who can utilise some of their ‘guest points’ on the Links.  The golf is always followed by the prize-giving and supper in the St Andrews Golf Club, to which all playing and non-playing members and guests are duly invited.  We look forward to seeing as many members and guests as possible participating in these golf fixtures. 


New Members

During 2014 we welcomed one new member:

LM123 – William Droms, from Virginia / Maryland, introduced by long-standing member and supporter, Del Ritchie. 


Wheelchair presentations

Three chairs were quietly presented during 2014 to deserving recipients:

A 17-year-old young lady from Edinburgh was requiring a pwc to help her gain a more independent life-style as she was looking forward to life away from school.
A 32-year-old young lady born with spina bifida was the grateful recipient of a chair.
A 47-year-old man with a young family suffered a stroke in 2013 and the pwc has already made a huge difference to him and his family’s quality of life. 



The affiliation fee for 2015 is now due - £25 or $50.  Your early settlement would be much appreciated. If you have not received a reminder, please contact me through the email address




The website remains an active tool for information for members and it relies on your input to ensure that it remains informative and responsive to your requirements.  Your comments and contributions are always welcome.  


Your continuing support of Keepers of the Green is gratefully acknowledged and we hope to see many members in St Andrews during 2015.


With kind regards

Janet Finlay

Hon Secretary (retiring)